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Family Entertainment, Inc. currently has three carousels available for lease or sale.   Our three carousels include a 20' Chance Fantasy Carousel, a 28' Chance Americana Carousel, and a 36' Chance Classic Carousel.  All of our equipment is maintenance free and requires no mechanical maintenance by the leasing company or organization.

Space Requirements:
Fantasy Carousel:  20' DIA. + Fence
Americana Carousel:  30' DIA. + Fence
Classic Carousel:  36' DIA. + Fence

Power Requirements:
Fantasy Carousel:  208/230 Volt, 3 phase
Americana Carousel:  208/230 Volt, 3 phase
Classic Carousel:  208/230 Volt, 3 phase


Fantasy Carousel:  Immediate
Americana Carousel:  Immediate
Classic Carousel:  Immediate

Call now to book this attraction for your special event, mall or shopping center.   Long term lease only please.  Contact Family Entertainment, Inc. - (888) 237-0444.

Fantasy Carousel
20' Fantasy Carousel

Americana Carousel
28' Americana Carousel

Classic Carousel
36' Classic Carousel